ABOUT US EV Solutions s.r.o. was established at early 2017 as a logical consequence of the technological development which has gained momentum in last years. We deal not only with electric cars and their charging but also with alternative energy sources and possibilities of usage of electricity as a fuel. All this using both our own know-how and cooperation with specialists in the field. Charging solution from charging cables to ultra-fast charging stations, photovoltaic systems and accumulation of energy via batter storage units or mobile chargers – these are some of many activities that our company is engaged in. We have authorisation for a charging solution from the European giant such as Siemens and we are one of PRE’s partners. EV Solutions, we create charging solution right for you!
SERVICES Energy audits of households and companies Preparation of documents for subsidy proceeding and grant execution as a whole Sale and delivery of charging hardware including Wall Boxes and Charging Stations Installation of charging hardware Excavation and installation works from laying cables to special concrete stands Production, supply and installation of transformer stations Supply and installation of photovoltaic systems and battery storage units Production of charging cables for electric cars charging including reductions and extensions Charging stations management including supervision, payment terminals and energy management of buildings Software implementation for remote dealerships monitoring including security cameras and sensors For further information feel free to contact us.
PRODUCTS We deliver the products from our portfolio to each customer on a turn-key basis. From the project, through the construction works to audit report. The service, revision check or online supervision if required is a matter of course. Our portfolio Charging cables and reductions AC Wallboxes from 3,6 kW to 22 kW DC Wallbox up to 30 kW DC charger 22 kW and 2x 22 kW DC chargers from 50 kW to 350 kW Battery storage units Photovoltaic panels Concrete foundations for stations
REFERENCES We cooperate with technological companies, universities, car importers and sellers, with building giants, hotels and restaurants and last but not least with energetic companies.
DEVELOPMENT We develop our own products either directly for the customer or products that today’s market does not offer.
EV Solutions s.r.o. Semice 323, 289 17 Semice IČO: 058 32 365 DIČ: CZ05832365 tel.: +420 777 140 150 e-mail: info@ev-solutions.cz
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